Chris Hasty

Hometown: Baytown, Texas
Current Location: Johnston, Iowa

Chris was a rambling man at a young age. He was born in Texas, moved to Kentucky at the age of 5 and left Kentucky to move to Iowa when he was 8. It was when Chris landed in Iowa when he really started to hone in on the whitetails. It wasn’t long before Chris was spending his summer nights lying in bean fields trying to capture velvet footage of the deer he was hopefully going to be chasing in the fall. When fall rolled around, Chris would hop off the school bus and run down the road to a farm nearby that he had permission to hunt on and hop in a tree. Chris shot his first big buck with a bow at the age of 15 and has since become a whitetail fanatic. Chasing mature deer and capturing his experiences on camera has become a way of life for Chris and he is fortunate enough to have a supportive wife at home that enjoys watching him chase his passion.