December 17, 2016


North Dakota late season is one of our favorite hunts of the entire fall.  With a full camp and several days to hunt, it was bound to be a fun week in the northern plains before heading back home for the holidays.  The cold weather was in our favor, and with plenty of snow on the ground, the deer were on their feet and hitting the food sources.  1st night in camp and Brandon knocked down a great buck.  With wind chills reading 40 degrees below 0, it was a group recovery that none of us will ever forget.

Lydon Dec 17

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December 11, 2016


Brennen headed to Kansas to join good friend Cody Kuck, owner and operator of Heartland Pride Outfitters.  With a muzzleloader tag in pocket, the early September season would be where this story would begin.  4 days of hard hunting yielded above average temperatures and very little deer movement, especially mature buck movement.  Cody was kind enough to allow a return trip at the tail end of the season for one last chance at filling the tag.  Another 4 day trip would prove to be well worth it as this beautiful Kansas buck stepped out in front of Brennen with a mere 5 minutes left of the hunt on the last day of the Kansas season.

Brennen Dec 11

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November 21, 2016


Gun season in Wisconsin has and always be one of the biggest traditions in the entire sport.  It is when families and friends get together in hopes of bringing down the next Wisconsin monarch.  Aside from hoping to score on a big buck, it’s the time spent outdoors with the people that you love that make this tradition so special.  On day 3 of the season Bob was blessed to drag out a nice buck alongside his son-in-law and grandson. Life long memories in the field.

img_6520 (more…)

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Mike Mancl

Hometown: Milladore, Wisconsin
Current Location: Junction City, Wisconsin

Growing up in the “flatlands” of central Wisconsin is where Mike’s love affair for the outdoors and the sport of hunting began. Here, like many places across the Midwest, the sport of hunting ranks as high as God and family values. Fortunate to be born into a hunting rich family, it didn’t take Mike long to realize the hunting opportunities that were available spread out across the country. He began filming his outdoor adventures with a handy cam at the age of 12 and there was no looking back. Once Mike saw how much his family and friends enjoyed watching his experiences in the outdoors, he knew that he wanted to take it to the next level. Many years later Mike has become a very respectable videographer and is the heart and soul of TBP production.

Mark Becker

Hometown: Sparta, Wisconsin
Current Location: Sparta, Wisconsin

Following in the footsteps of a very accomplished bow hunter, Mark learned the ways of the whitetail woods from his old man. At a young age, his father taught him the importance of reading deer sign and applying it to work out in his favor more times than not. Much of Mark’s success over the years has come from his ability to read new properties on the fly and adapt quickly to put him in the right place at the right time. Wisconsin will always be home to Mark, but he loves to get out west and put his spot and stalk skills to use on big mature mule deer.

Jade Baker

Hometown: Stuart, Iowa
Current Location: Adair, Iowa

Jade has been fortunate enough to grow up in the whitetail mecca state of Iowa. With many seasons of chasing mature deer around the agricultural rich environment that he calls home, Jade has built a reputable big buck hunting resume. With a wife and kids at home that enjoy getting out in the woods, the family enjoys hunting together as much as possible early on in the season before the temperatures begin to drop. Hunting has and always will be a big part of the Baker family, and that is what it is all about.

Dylan Lenz

Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Current Location: Rudolph, Wisconsin

Dylan grew up near Milwaukee, Wisconsin and couldn’t stand to be in the city much longer. He took full advantage of the weekend getaways to spend time in the outdoors with his father. The experiences and memories made between the two of them in the field, surely set fire to a passion for the outdoors that still burns strongly to this day. After high school, Dylan packed up for Stevens Point, Wisconsin where he studied Wildlife and earned a Bachelor of Science. As luck would have it, the move to Point is ultimately how Dylan met Mike and got involved with TBP. His sure fire knowledge of camera equipment and his eye for detail got Mike and Brennen really excited for what he was going to be able to bring to the table for the production. He fell in love with the central Wisconsin area and that is where he now calls home.

Chris Hasty

Hometown: Baytown, Texas

Current Location: Johnston, Iowa

Chris was a rambling man at a young age. He was born in Texas, moved to Kentucky at the age of 5 and left Kentucky to move to Iowa when he was 8. It was when Chris landed in Iowa when he really started to hone in on the whitetails. It wasn’t long before Chris was spending his summer nights lying in bean fields trying to capture velvet footage of the deer he was hopefully going to be chasing in the fall. When fall rolled around, Chris would hop off the school bus and run down the road to a farm nearby that he had permission to hunt on and hop in a tree. Chris shot his first big buck with a bow at the age of 15 and has since become a whitetail fanatic. Chasing mature deer and capturing his experiences on camera has become a way of life for Chris and he is fortunate enough to have a supportive wife at home that enjoys watching him chase his passion.

Chad Maves

Hometown: Bowler, Wisconsin
Current Location: Hatley, Wisconsin

Rooted in central Wisconsin, there aren’t many things that excite Chad more than the sport of archery hunting. The guy can flat out shoot a bow and he has a very good resume when it comes to chasing the deer, turkeys, and bears that roam the Wisconsin woods. Chad spends a lot of time in the tree each fall and is lucky enough to have a supportive wife that enjoys getting out there with him as much as he does. Chad and his wife Heather have been together since 2004, their first date was actually spent together on a late season muzzleloader hunt (Heather was late to work because the deer were moving). It wasn’t long after and Chad got her hooked on bow hunting and the two of them jump at every opportunity they get to spend time together in the woods.

Brennen Nading

Hometown: Norwalk, Wisconsin
Current Location: Norwalk, Iowa

Every one of us has a passion that, in one way or another, consumes us. It consumes the way we think, it consumes the way we live our day-to-day lives. For Brennen, this passion is big whitetails. Brennen packed up and moved away from his family and everything he has ever known in Wisconsin and made the move to Iowa when he was 25 years old. He did this for one reason, simply so he could get his hands on the coveted Iowa archery tag every season. From summer scouting all the way through picking up sheds in the spring, Brennen spends the entire year with whitetails on the brain.

Brandon Lydon

Hometown: Sparta, Wisconsin
Current Location: Sparta, Wisconsin

Like the rest of the crew, Brandon had a father that taught him the ropes of hunting. It was spring turkey season that gave him the first taste of what hunting was all about. Having grown up in Wisconsin with family ground out the back door, it wasn’t long before Brandon was lacing up the boots and spending nearly every morning and evening up in a tree. Brandon enjoys the challenges of hunting the bluff country of Wisconsin where his family is from because that is what he was taught on, and what he grew up learning, but also enjoys getting out on the road each fall with hopes of punching tags in other states.

Nick Comes
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Joey Scott
Hometown: Amherst Jct WI
Current Location: Amherst Jct WI
Joey grew up in Central Wisconsin with his family’s hunting land literally in his back yard, in an area rich with many public land hunting opportunities.  His earliest memories of deer hunting come several years before he was old enough to hunt, sitting on his dads’s lap during the WI firearm season.  His early fascination with whitetail deer quickly grew into into his passion.  When Joey isn’t at work for the family window cleaning business he is more then likely preparing,  strategizing, how, when, and where he is going to kill his next mature buck.